I Don’t get it.

Why, Why don’t you care? It’s been a year now, our one year anniversary was a week ago… You used to come see me all the time, you used to be crazy for me. Now everything is different, you don’t care anymore, you don’t want me anymore the way you used too, you used to get the car from your mama every other day to see me, you used to take the car, knowing you had to leave at 5:30 in the morning to get your mom, but you did it anyway, to see me. You did it all the time, and we’d be up all night, you’d be so tired in the morning, the next day, but you did it all for us. But not anymore, you have your own car now, you could come and go as you please…. But I never see you anymore, I used to see you more when you had to borrow people’s car to come see me, You used to care, used to actually text & call me. Leave me voicemails if I don’t answer, Why don’t you care anymore my love? Why am I still here, madly in love with you, trying to keep what we have alive, Why am I the one stuck in this torment? Why can’t you just love me the way you used too, why can’t you come see me all the time like you said you would, why do you ignore my crys for help? Ignore my texts… I’ll send you paragraphs, paragraphs explaining my love and you ignore them, if you acknowledge them its with 3-5 words. You reply with meaningless, un-thoughtful responses, no type of love at all. It’s getting worse and worse, I feel myself beginning to cut myself off from this relationship, I feel myself being treated differently, badly. I feel like an old toy that’s just being left somewhere to collect dust until you’re finally ready to play with me again. I feel like just another dude to you, I feel like the love is gone. I feel like we’re gonna break up soon, and it makes me so sad, I don’t want to loose you. You’re my everything, my world, my heart, my joy, our memories make me laugh & smile sooooooooooo Much. But all we have between us now is pain, pain from all your white lies, from you changing. We’re falling apart, and it doesn’t even bother you. Why? Why don’t you care?